Divers Makes Light Lenses and Light Assemblies

Checker, Marmon, Graham-Paige, Durant, Essex

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Make Part # Year Type Description Picture Price
? STOP ? Tail Light Tail Light Lenses and bezel, Chrome Bezel with Glass upper STOP lens in blue (Broken) and glass lower oval lens in red (Good Condition), Chrome bezel is 4 3/8" in diameter and good condition (Have 1) $50
Marmon MARMOLITE 28? Taillight Assembly, Marmon, Red, Amber and Clear Lenses. 5 3/4" diameter on face x 3" deep body and tapers to 2 3/4" diameter at back. Used Original in good condition. (Have 0) MARMOLITE_Marmon_TLAssy3.JPG (30581 bytes)MARMOLITE_Marmon_TLAssy2.JPG (24265 bytes)MARMOLITE_Marmon_TLAssy1.JPG (37338 bytes) $Sold
Graham-Paige & Durant Tiger Ey #1144 or Dalite A #266 28-31 Taillight Lens, Glass, Fits Graham-Paige 28, Durant 65 cars and many other makes, 3 1/2" total lens diameter, 2 1/2" screw slot centers (Have 3) $35 ea.
Essex or Auburn, or Continental or Lafayette T-357 or KD 268 NACO 32-33 Taillight Lens - Glass , some 1931/1932/1933 Rockne, some 32/33 Essex, some 1932/1933/1934/1935 Willys Overland and some 33/34 Auburn/Continental/Lafayette/Nash models, Some new and some used - All in good condition (See Willys Page) T357_33-34Willys_TLLens.jpg (35004 bytes) $25 ea.
Graham & Packard Hall Crilo 35-37 Taillight Lens and Bezel, Fits Graham and Packard 120, Red Glass, 3 1/4" dia , Single screw mount on side, very nice (See Packard Page) $50sold
Checker Guide 97, or
72-? Taillight Lens, Fits Checker Cabs, 3" diameter with 2-screw holes 2 1/2" apart, Look New (Have 0) $20Sold
Checker CMA 72-? Taillight Lens, Fits Checker Cabs, 3" diameter with 2-screw holes 2 1/2" apart, Used- Clear lens painted red on inside, Looks Nice (Have 1)   $20