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Hello.  My name Ben Philips.  My company name is "Taillightking". I'm known as the "taillightking" on the web and "taillight man" at swap meets.  You can contact me at or by phone at 936-524-6116 cell number we do get TEXT. We are on central time! I am only 1 man and it may take time for me to get back to you. i will do my best to get back the same day but not always will that happen. i am on face book too. look me up under

I will no longer be shipping with fedex or ups. i have had both change the price after the package was sent. for this reason i am done with them.

I also will not be shipping to any county requiring a VAT. They want me to do way to much paper work and i will not waste my time on that much paper work. Sorry if that means you cant get what you need. i cant use a friends VAT or another shops number.  if you live here i will not ship to you: Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Greek Czech Republic Czech Denmark Estonia Finland France Monaco Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden and turkey.



Ben philips

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My parts are arranged in tables and to use the site, click on a manufacturer or a type, in the list to the left, to see my lists of parts. Once you find a part listing, click on the thumbnail view (little picture) of the lens or assembly to see full size view!    

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This site will be changing often, as I get time to get my lights inventoried and take more photo's.  I will try to get pictures of all my lights and have them posted on these pages someday in the future. 

Identifying Instrument Panels

Guide to Tail Light Codes   this has been taken down. sad to say you may have to use my site to figure out what you have. if you see

something that i dont have please send me a good picture and all the info on the lens and ill try to post it up for others to help identify what they have. if you have the info from the old page let me have it and ill see if i can post it up here. 

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Swap Meets:  This is a list of the local Texas swap meets that I usually attend.

Hood Ornaments: I have placed a bunch of pictures of hood ornaments for all cars and trucks on these pages. These are just for your enjoyment and reference. I have those ornaments that are listed at the top of the page for sale. Enjoy!!

Barracuda Parts!!!  See my Barracuda parts page here!

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Hot new products!!!!!

New, Just in Glo-Brite Reflectors . These are those really cool reflectors from the 30's and 40's.

62-67 Cobra LED Surface-MountTaillight Assemblies (see Here!)